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Concert | Tango Bardo

Tango Bardo is a world-renowned tango orchestra based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and touring around the world to play live tango music. The orchestra will be in Australia for the first time this July. This is a unique opportunity for all to experience live tango music.

You don't have to be a dancer or a music connoisseur to enjoy this.

This concert has been curated for all people who are keen to learn more about tango music, Argentine culture and experience a real life music and dance performance.

The concert will take place at the GHD Auditorium / Advanced Engineering Building 49 at the University of Queensland (St. Lucia) from from 15:00 to 17:00 on Sunday July 23rd.

The afternoon will start with a first set of songs, followed by a live tango dance performance by Cynthia Palacios and Sebastian Bolivar, World Tango Champions 2022 (tango de pista). Followed by another set of tango songs. After that, the musicians will entertain the audience with a brief (40min max) discussion about Tango, its musicality, style, history, and future. This discussion is aimed at all audiences with the idea of giving a broad and detailed analysis of the musical genre and provide the audience with a context and guide on how to best enjoy this style.

As the orchestra put it:

Tango Musicalidad, dictado por Tango Bardo esta ensado para todo publico , bailarines, músicos y melómanos. Se analiza los grandes estilos, historia y coyuntura, musicalidad, entendimiento y reconocimiento de las capas musicales, recursos estéticos. Toda esta información ayuda al bailarin a entender lo que escucha, al melómano a comprender los periodos estéticos y a los músicos a enriquecer su entendimiento de un género tan rico como el Tango.

For more information go to:

The additional concert originally scheduled for July 29th at the Brisbane City Hall (concert only not milonga) has been cancelled due to logistic issues.

The concert/discussion will be followed by a forum on Tango DJ at 17:00 for more info go to:

Tango Bardo
Tango Bardo

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