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DJ Tango Forum MTWF23

Curious to learn more about how to DJ during a tango milonga? keen to ask professional DJs about how the music works? What makes a good tanda?

Join us for an open Forum on Tango DJing at the University of Queensland (Advanced Engineering Building 49 - GHD Auditorium) this Sunday 23rd of July from 17:00 to 18:00.

During the forum these topics will be discussed with the lead of Nadim Sawaya and Jose Arganaras:

  • How to structure the night

  • How to build a good tanda

  • Brief overview of the main Orchestras

    • The top-4: Troilo, Di Sarli, D’arienzo, Pugliese

    • Milonga and Vals

  • How to prepare your music

    • Quality of files, sources and recordings

    • Formats

    • Cleaning – Normalizing – Equalizing

    • Technology, hardware and software

    • Additional DJ Duties

We will provide a DJ handbook with all of these topics and some example tandas (via spotify) for this workshop.

If you have any question or want to take part into this event remotely (ZOOM) send me an email at


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