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We fell in love with Avanti after stumbling on Lontano and Buonasera two great and super danceable songs. After getting to know Stine and Luigi, we could only be more and more fond of their music and their style! What should you know about them? 

OTA is composed of three violins, three bandoneans, piano, contrabasso and the enchanting voice of Marisol Martinez. They normally live in the Mecca of Tango (Buenos Aires) but have travelled and played around the world. La Orquesta Típica Andariega was created in Buenos Aires September 2009 with the idea of making a new danceable tango based on a solid foundation of classic tango. The orchestra prides itself on having a repertoire “bien milonguero” which means that their music is intimately connected to the milonga and is good for dancing!

Their albums consist of a mix between new arrangements of the most popular tangos, waltz, milongas and new tango compositions that preserve the rhythmic and danceable spirit of the Forties and at the same time add the energy of the new tango movement of the millennium. The director of the orquesta and double bass, Luigi Coviello, is also the composer of their new compositions, including the award winning "Avanti". Mariano Flores González plays piano, Gonzalo Lesta & Santiago Zamboni on violin, with Stine Engen & Anderson Perea Da Silva on the bandoneon. The orquesta has toured extensively throughout South America and Europe and regularly plays the stages and festivals in Buenos Aires.  


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Orquesta Tipica Andariega

Orqesta Tipica Andariega

Che storia!

Andariega has recorded five albums “Pertenencia” (2011), "Andiamo" (2014), “Balliamo” (2017)  and "Avanti" (2019) , with the imminent release of their fifth "Fresedo con amore" (2021) featuring the singer Marisol Martinez.  The orchestra is well known in the European milonga environment and has visited a diverse selection of European nations such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria and Greece. It has played in big tango festivals, cultural festivals, milongas and well known theatres all over Europe during their six European tours 2012-2013-2014-2015-2017-2018. The orchestra also toured in Chile (Festival Valparatango 2014) and played in other parts of Argentina (Junin, Tandil, América, Rosario, Salto and Venado Tuerto). The orchestra performs constantly on the most appreciated stages in Buenos Aires, among these: Festival Internacional de Tango en Buenos Aires, La Viruta, CCC, Torquato Tasso, Confiteria Club Malcolm, Ideal, Milonga Parakultural – Salón Canning, Festival de Vendimia en Buenos Aires, Festival Independiente de Tango en Buenos Aires and El Galpon B.



The "bailable" nature of the orquesta has been acknowledged recently through the competition "New Danceable Argentine Tango Music Competition in 2018" where the composition of Luigi Coviello, 'Avanti', won. In 2019 the orchestra was part of an ethnomusicological/ethnochoreographic research study in Graz, Austria, and selected as the most dansable orchestra out of 10 of the biggest tango orchestras today!

The innovative video clips made by the director of the orchestra, Luigi Coviello, have also received recognition with first prize for "Avanti" as "The Best Video Clip" in El Festival y Mundial de tango 2020.

The orquesta has been honoured with subsidy from del Régimen de Concertación para la Actividad Musical de BA Música several times. In 2014 the album “Andiamo” was considered suitable for receiving financing by El Régimen de Promoción Cultural (mecenazgo). In 2016 the album “Balliamo” was considered suitable for receiving financing by El Régimen de Promoción Cultural (mecenazgo). 



COVID has really changed the world and put a lot of pressure on Tango artists. Help our friends at Orquesta Tipica Andariega by supporting the release of their new album "Fresedo con Amore". Click on the Link below for more info

Orquesta Tipica Andariega


Check out these beautiful and totally NEW VIDEOS:


  • Este es el pueblo (Luigi Coviello)

  • Avanti (Luigi Coviello) - Winner of the category Best Videoclip in the Festival y Mundial de Tango 2020

  • Jacarandá (Marisol Martinez/Luigi Coviello)

  • Isla de Capri (Will Grosz/Miguel Angel Del Valle)

Don't just take out word on how great this orquesta is, read what others have to say about them: 

Where can you find more info on this great Orquesta?

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Orquesta Típica Andariega




The original compositions of Luigi Coviello are special to us. Not only are these songs extremely danceable, but they are infused with "la gioia" of his homeland - Italy!

Avanti (L. Coviello)

Potenza (L. Coviello)

Lontano (L. Coviello)

Gira gira  (L. Coviello)

Sin tu amor (L. Coviello)

Buonasera (L. Coviello)

Este es el pueblo (L. Coviello)

The arrangements of the classics that we love best (if we are forced to choose!) include: Manana zarpa un barco (L. Demare); Vida mia (Fresedo); Oigo tu voz (Canaro); Al compás del corazon (Federico –Expósito).  If you want a neuvo song - try Creep (Radiohead).

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