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Tango DJ Forum with Nadim & Jose

Updated: May 4, 2023

As part of the MTWF23 with the support of DJ Nadim and DJ Jose, we decided to host the second event of the Tango DJ Forum started in Melbourne during the Tango Circuit.

DJ Nadim & DJ Jose, who will actively participate to the Moonlight Tango Festival, will lead a workshop on Tango DJing followed by questions and an open discussion. This will happen in the great venue of the GHD Auditorium at the University of Queensland (Advanced Engineering Building 49).

This event will take place right after the inaugural concert by Tango Bardo with performance by Cynthia & Sebastian and will be a great match for the experience. Start your Sunday eventing at 15:00 listening to Tango Bardo, watching the world champions perform and then discuss tango musicality and DJing with Nadim & Jose. Tickets for these two events are sold separately.

The Tango DJ Forum series by Nadim & Jose is made for those who are already DJ'ing and would like to gain further insight, for those considering taking up the art as well as for those who simply love tango music and are curious to understand it further!

The Tango DJ Forum will also be broadcast online for those who can not participate in person.


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