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sexteto fantasma

Amongst the new wave of tango orquestas born in Argentina, Sexteto Fantasma is well known for his ability to move dancers in milongas such as La Viruta, Salon Canning or the popular Moran in Buenos Aires. Specific to this ensembe is the use of "trompeta" the trumpet not as common in tango bands and, apparently, an "homenaje" to Francisco Canaro; also a specific musical choice that distringuishes Sexteto Fantasma is the use of the Guitarra de Jazz. They have been making us dance since 2012 and, since then, they have released albums such as "La Ventanita de Arrabal" 2014 and "Fuego Bohemio" 2018 also played in the Teatro 25 de Mayo in Buenos Aires. In Europe, you might have met them in Edimburgh in the Festival Le Printemps du Tango à Mulhouse (France) or at Foyer de la Ópera de Wiesbaden (Germany).


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Sexteto Fantasma

Sexteto fantasma

Che storia!

Five years have passed since we first opened the "milonga" called "Ventanita de Arrabal" in Almagro, this being the place where Sexteto Fantasma found its final shape. Since then we have passed along scenes of our country and also of other countries in the world. It has been during that path that the orchestra strengthened its search more deeply. Our own compositions have been gaining ground among the classic tangos until becoming the center of the repertoire. This has led us to record this second album, made up only of these new tangos and milongas. We are aware that even after two decades of appropriation, revision and opening of new horizons in its genre, to prepare an album with new compositions is still being considered by some people as a daring undertaking, but we are creating a crowd of daring people that keeps the present scene alive. Such is the case that, two of the tangos registered here ("Quimera" and "Felicidad") had been recorded  earlier by other artists whom we admire and are an example for us: 34 Puñaladas and Hernán "Cucuza" Castiello. Besides, in this record, we are proud to have invited Kevin Johansen, Jorge Serrano y Juan Quintero, main artists of Argentine popular music who are not known for interpreting tango.  We hope you will enjoy listening to this record so much as we have enjoyed recording it. Let's not put out the flame of bohemian fire! 

It is in this crossroad that we open the game joining song and melody, the same premise that has made tango the emblematic popular music of the Rio de la Plata.



Guido Iacopetti - guitarra y dirección
Ezequiel Agüero - piano
Oscar Yemha - bandoneón
Daniel Mayor - trompeta
Matías D’Amico - contrabajo
Rodrigo Perelsztein - voz

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Sexteto Fantasma - Fuego Bohemio -2018-  Album Completo! TANGO
Sexteto FantasmaTANGO

Sexteto Fantasma - Fuego Bohemio -2018- Album Completo! TANGO



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