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Tango Bardo

Tango Bardo will come and play live for us at Moonlight Tango Winter Festival 2023 in Brisbane from July 23 to July 30 2023.


Why have we chosen them for the festival?

  • They have a decade plus experience playing at the best Tango Festivals around the world

  • They are able to vary their tango style and sound providing us with a fresh and unique dancing experience

  • For them it is paramount to connect with the dancers

  • They sound amazing!

Tango Bardo MTWF23

Tango Bardo MTWF23

Tango Bardo
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Tango Bardo

Che storia!

Tango Bardo is a "Cuarteto Tipico Tanguero" with a Bandoneon, Piano, Base and Violin. Formed in 2013, in the style of Juan Darienzo with their debut at La Viruta in Buenos Aires. They rapidly became a sensation around the world with shows in Turkey, China, Thailand, Singapore, France, Japan, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Spain.

The band:

Juan Miguens | Double bass

Lucas Furno | Violin

Santiago Polimeni | Bandoneón

Lorena Donvito | Piano

Roberto Minondi | Singer

Tango Bardo busca un sonido crudo, potente y real

They would say they play more connected with the roots of tango, far from the academic vision of music. For these musicians it is paramount to create a


connection with the dancers 

Dancers can experience the “mugre” and “yeites” of each instrument and the connection between them. Their repertorio can vary from tangos typical of the 20s to tango nuevos and can span from styles like Pugliese, Piazzolla, Troilo, Di Sarli o Tanturi.


The most important is the "sonoridad fresca" and the development of "un sonido personal".