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Sept 4th to 8th 2024
Brisbane, Australia

Prepared to be amazed again! #MTF24 promises to be even more exciting and inspiring with 25 hours of milongas, two live music bands, 24 hours of learning from top international tango teachers, performances and more cultural events across Brisbane's landmark venues. 

  • a Prosecco Reception event with live music and guests of honour

​Get ready for a celebration of Argentine culture during a week of incredible events in the beautiful Brisbane with hundreds of dancers from Australia and beyond.


All proceeds from the festival will go to charity and thanks to your support we were able to already make a difference for Parkinson's Queensland this year.


This year Australia will host a wide range of internationally acclaimed #tango #maestros. Improve your tango and witness the beauty of this timeless dance no matter what level you are at. More than 24 hours of pure learning from these incredible teachers at the Moonlight Tango Festival 2024. This line-up of maestros will give you exposure to solid technique and different styles of dancing. All workshops will be held at EC Venue in the large dance studio on the first floor. If the tickets you are looking for are sold out or you need a dance partner please fill out the form ( and you will automatically enter the waiting list.


Experience the power of live music and super Tango DJs at Moonlight Tango Festival 2024 Gala Milongas. This year, we invited the Asato-Pais duo to give musicality workshops and play live at the Gala Milongas directly from Argentina! On Saturday night, you will be amazed by the 11-piece Melbourne Tango Orchestra at the Brisbane City Hall. DJs will include Jose Argañarás (Melbourne), Stephan Resch (New Zealand), Ben Renkin (Byron Bay).


Melbourne Tango Orchestra bring the mid-century underworld figures of tango to life. One of the few traditional tango orchestras regularly performing outside of Buenos Aires, the ensemble specialise in Golden-age and contemporary tango, and are part of the twenty-first century tango music revival.  With initial training from La Academia and TangoSinFin and professional tango training school Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce, Buenos Aires, members of the orquesta grew up, studied and performed in the rich music scene of that city and developed the orquesta in Melbourne to perform sold-out shows at Milongas, Jazz Clubs, local government festivals and town halls across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. The orquesta regularly collaborate with the best Latin American vocalists and dancers in Melbourne and continue their mission to expand the horizon and future of tango music.

The Program


  • Friday Milonga: Silvina & Julio + Sumire & Tamai

  • Saturday Milonga: Noelia & Facundo + Nadim & Rina

  • Sunday Afternoon Milonga: Denise & Alex + Pali & Marcelo

All works will be held in the large dance studio at Elements Collective Venue (ECV) on 17 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. The studio is equipped with mirrors, air-conditioning and professional speakers system, it has access to water and bathrooms. The workshops will be capped to 50 people (25 couples) and need to be booked in pairs (leader/follower) to guarantee everyone can have space to learn. If you want to participate but do not have a dance partner yet, please fill in this form ( Please arrive at least 15 min in advance to all workshops. Tickets to workshops will NOT be sold at the door.

In order of time:

Asato-Pais Duo​ (Argentina)

After running successful and enticing workshops with the Asato-Pais duo online during COVID, we are super happy to announce they will be in Brisbane! They will be playing live at the milongas & also provide us with their in-depth and fun knowledge of Tango. They are amazing at delivering tango musicality workshops for all levels, not only because they are super nice, but because they are professional musicians trained directly in Buenos Aires. Their knowledge of tango culture, music and musicality will blow you away ;-)

These two 1h musicality workshops (2 hours) are sold as a package until tickets are available for a price of $70. 

- Tuesday 03/09/2024 from17:00 to 18:00

- Wednesday 04/09/2024 from 17:00 to 18:00

To learn more about this great duo go to:

Sumire & Tamai (Japan)​

Seeing them perform at the Prosecco Reception during MTWF23 was fantastic and we are super happy to have them again this year to perform and teach. This very dynamic tango couple comes directly from Tokyo, Japan. We look forward to build stronger bonds with the lively Japanese Tango community.

These two 1.5h tango workshops (3 hours total) are sold as a package until tickets are available for a price of $120. 

- Tuesday 03/09/2024 from19:00 to 20:30

- Wednesday 04/09/2024 from19:00 to 20:30

Workshops Topics:

  • Quality of movement: focus on vertical and horizontal movements within the embrace

  • Balance: change your stride by controlling your centre of gravity

To learn more about these maestros:

Rina & Nadim (Australia)​

Every year since Moonlight Tango started, Rina & Nadim have been supporting our mission and contributing to the success of this international festival. We look forward to welcome them again to teach and perform. Can't wait to learn from you! 

These two 1.5h tango workshops (total 3 hours) are sold as a package until tickets are available for a price of $120. 

- Tuesday 03/09/2024 from 20:30 to 22:00

- Wednesday 04/09/2024 from 20:30 to 22:00

Workshops Topics:

  • Creating exciting dynamic changes when dancing to various orchestras: we will be working on techniques that allow us to have range in our dance to be more musical. We will be working on techniques that allow us to express a range of dynamics so we have a toolbox to bring out all of the different elements of music that we love so much!

  • Circular and Linear Sacada combinations for Leaders and Followers: revising good technique for walking will help us with the timing and the cadence of sacadas. From there we will delve deeper into interesting sadaca combinations for both leader and followers.

To learn more about these maestros:

Silvina Tse & Julio Alvarez (Italy)​

Gracious and technically impeccable maestros from Europe! Silvina was born in Italy from a Chinese mother, honors degree in civil engineering as well as a gyrotonic trainer diploma and a sports coach certification. Juliowas born in Cuba, has a musical education and he is an expert in biomechanics and athletic training; with the Afro-Cuban rhythm in his blood, he makes of every note a precise movement He has won several international championships in Italy, Germany and Russia. The rare multi-ethnic and different cultural background of this couple is the evidence that tango has developed in every corner of the earth.


These six 1.5h tango workshops (total 9 hours) are sold as a package until tickets are available for a price of $375. 

- Thursday 05/09/2024 from 17:00 to 20:00

- Friday 06/09/2024 from 13:30 to 16:30

- Saturday 07/09/2024 from 13:30 to 16:30

Workshops Topics:

Focus on Musicality

  • D’Arienzo versus Di Sarli: choice of the patterns and different quality of the steps

  • Decoding the music of R. Biagi 

Focus on Technique

  • Tango DrillZ: warming up with balance and postural tips, musicality theory and body coordination, tango technique

  • Ocho cortado: 10 variations plus adornos

Different Styles

  • Rock steps and playful combinations to handle the rhythm of milonga 

  • Repetitive and circular patterns to dance socially to the rhythm of vals 

To learn more about these maestros:

Noelia Hurtado & Facundo de la Cruz (Argentina)​

Both belong to and have learnt in the same traditional Buenos Aires tango environment. Their careers have taken them through different places and tango scenes, in 2019 with well established trajectories and marked personalities in their individual dance, they’ve met and decided to start the challenge of merging their styles, to continue evolving as dancers and also develop their own identity as a couple. Thanks to their popularity and recognition they have travelled the world, working in theatres, festivals and tango schools, where they have developed their teaching method, as well as worked on their performances and coaching programs for professional dancers. Their dance is distinguished by its sophistication, elegance, musicality, authenticity and passion.

These six 1.5h tango workshops (total 9 hours) are sold as a package until tickets are available for a price of $395. 

- Friday 06/09/2024 from 10:00 to 13:00

- Saturday 07/09/2024 from 10:00 to 13:00

- Sunday 08/09/2024 from 10:00 to 13:00

Workshops Topics:

Focus on Musicality

  • Musical interpretation: phrases, pauses, bridges, melody and rhythm. What and how to interpret each layer of music

  • Resources for dancing rhythmic orchestras: technique, hug, rhythmic variations and structures to highlight the rhythm

Focus on Technique

  • Linear/rhythmic turns: technique and rhythmic variations

  • Circular/melodic turns: technique and speed in turns and twists. Different intensities of spins

Different Styles

  • Milonga technique & musicality

  • Vals musical structure & cadence

To learn more about these maestros:



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