One of the "oldest" contemporary orquesta tipica, born more than a decade ago and playing some amazing classics. We really hope to seem them live in Australia soon. 


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Orquesta Tipica Sans Souci

Orqesta Tipica Sans Souci

Che storia!

Sans Souci Typical Orchestra was created in 1998 with the specific purpose of rescuing for today’s audience the musical style of Miguel Caló and Osmar Maderna’s typical orchestras. It has been performing regularly on different stages all over Argentina, including the “General San Martín” Municipal Theatre, in the city of Buenos Aires, the “Rome Theatre” in Avellaneda and the “Wine Club” in Buenos Aires. It has also repeatedly participated in the “Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World Championship” and in several editions of “Verano de Emociones” in Córdoba, Ushuaia and Mar del Plata, just to mention a few. The Orchestra has toured around Europe, performing in the “First Lisbon International Tango Festival” (Portugal), as well as around Paraguay and Brazil. In 2018, it performed with enormous success in the “International Tango Summit Los Angeles” (USA). The Sans Souci regularly plays in different national milongas and theaters. In 2019, after thirteen years of absence, it shined again on European stages. It is currently recording its third CD, with the voices of Chino Laborde, Emiliano Castignola and César Peduzzi.

Orquesta Típica Sans Souci


Paula García Presas

Amanda Burgos

Carolina Rodríguez

Soledad Grigera



Claudia Sereni


Mariano Benedé


Oscar Yemha

Ayelén Pais Negrin

Yuki Okumura

Alejandro Borghi

Leonardo Fernández



Walter "Chino" Laborde

Emiliano Castignola

César Peduzzi

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