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c'est bon Milonga

Moonlight Tango has partnered with Brisbane's premiere French bistro | C'est Bon Restaurant and Le Bon Bar | to offer you an intimate evening of elegant tango. Enjoy dancing in this stylish space featuring artwork, wooden floors and high quality sound system. Take a break at the bar where you can delight yourself in fine wine and French cuisine. Limited number of tickets available due to size restrictions and for the dancing enjoyment of all we will monitor for leader/follower balance. Dress code: Elegant.


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C'est Bone Milonga

C'est Bon Restaurant & Le Bon Bar

Tango Milonga in a French bistro

A mini French Quartier in the historic heart of Woolloongabba – C’est Bon provides charming, cosy spaces for locals and visitors to dine and linger from the first breakfast espresso through to the post-dinner digestif. Serving breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner with French flavour – C’est Bon’s honest food, good wine and friendly service are the order of the day, every day.

Enjoy seasonal, sincere food with modern French flair in this relaxed neighbourhood nook. Our charming spaces provide a range of experiences from cosy and intimate in our Restaurant, Bar and Cellar, to warm and sunny en plein air in our Garden Terrasse and Rooftop Bar.

wine tasting

The head sommelier Charles-William Gossart will guide us through a selection of French and local wines from the cellar at C'est Bon. Charles will take us from the Loire Valley in France to the Barossa Valley in Australia telling us about the differences in taste and how to best appreciate wine. Each event will feature a different theme and selection of wines.

For more details on the specific wines and themes, refer to the detailed description on the | BLOG | or go to | BOOK

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Wine Tasting
Dinner Menu
Andy Ashby Head Chef at C'est Bon

Dinner Menu

Head Chef Andy Ashby will prepare delicacies inspired by classic French cuisine with local fresh ingredients, served in the elegant C'est Bon fashion. The next event will feature a selection of: 

For more info check out our | BLOG |... A selection of Cheese and Charcuterie platters will also be available. Make sure to check out the desserts!


Thanks to David Kelly our milongas have been captured in beautiful images. David will expose his art during our events. Come enjoy his beautiful photography. For more details about his work go to David Kelly | Tango

We will also be projecting classic tango movies and documentaries to add to the music and visual experience of our milongas. For more details please refer to the event details. 

Art Work

milonga music

We strive to offer you a different music experience every time at Moonlight Tango. We have worked hard to fine tune the acoustics and sound quality. Every milonga will have a different theme, music selection and energy. For more details check out our blog and follow us on Instagram

The next milonga will feature music played from original tango vinyl records coming directly from Europe. Vinyl records offer high sound quality and create a special atmosphere. Vinyl also means a more complex turnaround of songs and the need for longer cortinas.

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