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contemporary tango bands!

As we wait for COVID restrictions to ease and re-start our Milongas, we have contacted tango bands around the world to bring you the latest Tango vibes. Our Amigos Musicos sent us a special greeting and they can't wait to play for us live in the near future! In the meanwhile, let's enjoy their music and their stories. We hope for this page to grow with more and more friends joining and more news to cross the COVID borders to enrich our tango.   

| Bohemia quinteto |

| los herederos del compas |

International Contemporary Bands

contemporary bands

Our Amigos Musicos are a selection of contemporary bands playing what we consider to be the furture of tango for tango dancers. Each of these bands have released albums, some of them compose and all of them playe internationally. Some of these bands are relatively new and others have been playing for keen dancers for more than two decades. We will release more videos and details about each of the bands. 

Why bands? This is definitely not rock! Well their structure can be different and goes from a Duo (Asato-Pais) to a full Orquesta Tipica. What is the difference? Have a look...

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