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Tango Fit

Tango Fitness Technique Workshops & Practica

Improve your technique by targeting, developing and strengthening the specific muscles and movements used in dancing. Meant for all levels, we will start with a light warmup, proceed with functional training, and finish with relaxing stretching. This set of workshops has been crafted specifically for dancers with the help of Angela, a certified fitness and yoga trainer with extensive experience in functional training and fitness for dancers. 


The workshops will be easy to follow for any fitness level and will provide you with plenty of exercises to practice at home as we will not sure any weights or equipment but simply body conditioning. The fitness session will invigorate you and fill you with energy for the following practica where you can experience the change in your dancing (3 hours of tango music).

Your Trainer | Your Training

Angela was born in Colombia and dances a number of Latin styles. She is extremely enthusiastic about fitness and takes great personal and professional satisfaction from improving the health and well-being of her clients. Angela believes that to exercise should be something to look forward to if you want to achieve your fitness goals. Angela creates a training environment that will see you working effectively while also having fun. Her qualifications include Certificate IV Personal Trainer, Certificate III Fitness Instructor, Certificate IV Yoga Instructor.

Angela Tango Fit


  • WEEK 1 (Feb 15): Dynamic Stretching before dancing, Fundamental movements

  • WEEK 2 (Feb 22): Functional training for legs and glutes to improve strength and endurance, without increased muscle size

  • WEEK 3 (Feb 29): Balance and Core Strength, stabilizing the mid-section to allow smooth and effective transfer of force through the body

  • WEEK 4 (Mar 7): Flexibility exercises to improve range of motion, reducing the risk of injuries and enabling you to perform demanding movements

  • WEEK 5 (Mar 14): Agility training to allow you to move quickly and easily


An effective strength and conditioning program will make you feel stronger and more confident as you go through your dance routine. Whether you are a new or experienced dancer, incorporating strength and conditioning principles in your weekly training can considerably impact how you move and perform, but more importantly, it can help you with longevity and let you do what you love for longer.




Will I need gym gear? NO need to bring anything or dress in your Lorna Jane tights. Wear something stretchy and comfortable. We will not be using weights. All exercises are meant to be done in comfort and repeated at home without specific gear. 


Will I need to shower or change after for the practica? The workshop is not meant to be physically strenuous and the studio is fully air-conditioned so you should not worry about sweating more than you do when you go to a Milonga. There are bathrooms to change if you want to.


I don’t feel my fitness level is high enough, will I still be able to join? The workshops have been designed to be for all levels and we kept them to 16 people max to give each a very tailored experience. You are all welcome to come.

Get in Now!

Workshops are sold as a package of x5 1-hour sessions followed by 3-hour practice, taking place in a fully fitted dance studio in West Village, West End | Brisbane. The workshops will start on February Thursday 15th at 18:00 until 19:00 followed by practica until 22:00 and happen every Thursday after that till March 14th. The studio is fitted with mirrors, high fidelity speakers system, air conditioning and drinkable water. Please cap your high-heels or bring practice low-shoes as the floor surface is delicate (sprung vinyl floor). 


The package of 5 workshops (a total of 20 hours of training and practice) are sold for a total of $190 per person (only $9.5 per hour!). Workshops are capped at 16 people in order to offer the most tailored experience. Tickets can be purchased online or by bank transfer. Please email 


This initial package of 5 workshops is intended as a journey to sharpen your body awareness and core fitness level and is offered at a substantial discount. In order to offer this discounted price, the workshops will need to be fully subscribed by 16 people to take place. This offer will only be available for 14 days until January 30th. Full refund will be provided to all subscribers if the workshops do not take place. 

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