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Beats of Colours | MTWF23

In our efforts to curate the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival as an eclectic cultural event, we have decided to screen a beautiful short documentary on #TANGO produced by Ver Mas Media inspired by the musical journey of Sydney-based Composer and Pianist Daniel Rojas. The "corto" will be screened on Eckoo Media LED screens in the Foyer of the Ithaca Auditorium on Saturday 29th during the Gala Milonga.

'Beats of Colours' is a captivating documentary that explores the sounds of Latin Classical and Tango music. Following the inspiring journey of Sydney-based Composer and Pianist Daniel Rojas, and Tango dancers Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson and Anthony Miller as they explore the fusion of these two music styles. The film offers a glimpse into the artists' unwavering commitment and passion for their creative process, as they push the boundaries of traditional music and dance forms. Through intimate interviews and mesmerizing performances, viewers gain insight into the artists' creative process and the motivations that drive their craft.

Link to Trailer: Trailer

Link to Behind the Scenes: Behind the Scenes


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