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Making Latin Party 2023 A Reality

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

The Moonlight Tango Team have always strived to think big and long term about what we set out to do with the Latin Party which is:

  1. To promote Latin American culture and more importantly

  2. Support Parkinson’s sufferers any way we can via Parkinson’s Queensland.

Latin Party was an idea that we set out to do to bring all Latin American communities together to share the rich vibrant culture with the world at large starting with Brisbane. King George Square was chosen as the location to maximise access and capacity for all who want to partake in the festival experience. It is part of the 8 day Winter Tango Festival run by Moonlight Tango. The event is free and any proceeds made on the day will go to Parkinson’s Queensland. For further information on our reasons for working with Parkinsons Queensland as our preferred Charity, click here.

Ways in which we set out to make this event a success include:

  • Picking a central location in the heart of Brisbane for maximum community reach.

  • Working with Associations, Community Leaders and Businesses who share the same passion in promoting Latin American culture.

  • Ensuring our Team has the right mix of specialised skill sets.

  • Raising awareness across potential synergetic associations

  • Seeking Sponsors that share the same vision.

  • Strategic marketing and advertising campaigns.

We know that there is knowledge, experience and passion in our community which is why we have partnered with like-minded associations, community leaders, and businesses, click here for further information.

Our Team working on this event bring a mix of skills needed to ensure we reach our goals, team members include:

  • Alessandro Costa – Co-Director, Commercial Agreements, Project Management, Grant Funding, Charity Liaison

  • Dev Agnihotri – Sponsorship

  • Oscar Valdivia – Stage and Artist Management

  • Jacqui Beres – Marketing, Promotion, Sponsorship, Community Engagement and MC

  • Nina Oberleuter – Web development, Marketing and Charity Promotion

  • Michelle Yanez-Olivarez, Amiga Mia – Promotion, Social Media, Community Engagement, MC, FIFA WWC Latin American Community Ambassador

We are making effort to work with synergetic associations such as FIFA who are bringing the WWC 2023 to Australia and New Zealand. Working with associations such as these provide a mutual beneficial opportunity for promotion and exposure to Brisbane and the world at large.

We are applying for funding to cover event running costs via commercial sponsorship, grant funding and crowd funding from a variety of organisations and members of the community that share all want this event to be a success. For more information on Sponsors Moonlight Tango have worked with click here.

Organisations we have approached include :

  • Brisbane City Council

  • RACQ

  • Technology One

  • The Peak Partnership

  • Ally’s Angels and Alphas

  • Wealthi

  • Ella Bache Newstead

  • Elever Property Management

  • Chuffed Crowd Funding Campain

Strategic marketing campaigns on a variety of social media platforms and channels have been sought.

Social Media platforms used for promotion include:

  • Moonlight Tango website

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram and

  • Facebook to name a few

Radio stations that we have engaged with include:

  • 97.3 Kiss FM

  • 101.1FM

  • SBS Spanish Program

  • 4EB

Paid advertising campaigns on the Brisbane App, Must Do Brisbane and Meetup have been purchased to maximise our community reach.

If you want to make a difference and help make Latin party a reality you can, whether as a

Let’s make this an event to remember together and see it continue to grow every year!


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