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Little Ridge Distillery | Sponsoring MTWF23

Little Ridge Distillery is proudly sponsoring Moonlight Tango Winter Festival 2023 by donating for the raffle that will go towards all donations to Parkinson's QLD.

Nestled on the highest point for kilometres around Narangba (little ridge), with views of the Glass House Mountains, this 100%-Australian-owned micro-distillery makes amazing gin!

Little Ridge crafts all their gin, vodka and whisky onsite using locally-sourced natural ingredients. Their citrus range includes fresh lemons and limes added one by one for each gin batch. The botanicals such as juniper and cardamom are gently crushed or pressed to release beautiful aromas and oils. Once ready, the still is fired up with all the carefully selected botanicals, to ensure every flavour is extracted during the distillation process.


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