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Dinner @ Evita - Milonga 03|04

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Tango music, live music cortinas and delicious Argentinean food, what else can you wish for? As usual we have prepared for you a number of options for all tastes ;-) check below and make sure you pick your favourite!

(a) Premium dinner tickets (65$ per person, menu for 2) will give you access to the Milonga (dancing), a great selection of Argentinean foods (GF and Vegetarian options included) and a glass of bubbles as you arrive. Premium dinner starts at 18:00 and you are free to use the tables for the entire night. Seats are already fully booked and assigned. Check seating assignments and menu on | EVITA MILONGA |

(b) Milonga Ticket with dinner booking: as you prepare for a night of dancing you want to make sure you can order some of Evita's delicious food "a la carte" sitting in the comfort of the dining area, and drinking some Argentinean wine? Make sure you get yourself a Milonga ticket ($15) and contact us (or put a note in the booking comment field) to get a table (floor plan on EVITA Milonga page with table numbers). Only 40 seats available! Dinner service will start at 18:00 and finish at 20:00. | BOOK |

(c) Feeling super relaxed, need only a place at the bar for a signature cocktail (pisco?) and some space to change your shoes, go ahead and buy a Milonga only ticket ($15). We have allocated a space for you to hang around during the night. | BOOK | If you find your are hungry, do not be alarmed, you can still book a shared platter of 5 canapés (snacks) served from 8pm for $25 per person including:

  • Mini empanadas

  • Mini choripán

  • Tiras de Calamar. W/ aioli

  • Papas con carne

  • Chicken skewer

If you feel that would suit you best let us know (email or call us) by Friday April 1st (pre-booking of canapes needed)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us (


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