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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

C'est Bon Milonga 31|10 was a completely new musical creation as part of the Musicality Masterclass Weekend (29|10 - 31|10) in which tango teachers, musicians and DJ such as Murat, Gianpiero Galdi, Lorena Tarantino, Asato-Pais and Richard Frisart shared their knowledge and insights with us.

Ceci n'est pas une Tango

Why do we talk about Music Creation? Moving away from the more orthodox views of how a Tango Milonga should be structured and giving our own very personal interpretation of the role of the Tango DJ, we decided to give the power back to the Orquestas! in particular the Contemporary Tango Orquestas which are responsible not only for the revival of such an incredible dance but also are driving its latest trends in developing new tunes and creating music styles that go beyond those consolidated in the "decada de oro".

What then? Well the music most of you danced and loved on the night was "composed" and "arranged" by the most prominent contemporary tango bands from around the world. We called and they answered! We asked them to select a tanda (group of 4 songs) and send us their preference. So in a way the bands became, unconsciously, the DJ. It was interesting to see how they selected amongst their repertoire of music producing, for you the dancers, a great mix of classic revivals and innovative tunes.

Who did you listen to? Our "Amigos Musicos" and specifically

  1. Tago Bardo: Loca, El puntazo, El recodo, Patetico

  2. Orquesta Tipica Andariega: Este es el pueblo (Luigi Coviello), Avanti (Luigi Coviello), Jacarandá (Marisol Martinez/Luigi Coviello), Isla de Capri (Will Grosz/Miguel Angel Del Valle)

  3. Vals mixed: Solo Tango Orquesta = Vals de invierno, Sans Souci = Bajo un cielo de estrellas, Orquesta Tipica Andariega = Lontano, Los Herederos del Compas = Desde el Alma

  4. Orquesta Romantica Milonguera: Todo es amor, Besame mucho, Perfidia, Algo contigo

  5. Sans Souci: Portenisimo, Si yo pudiera comprender, Chique, Remolino

  6. Milonga mixed: Sexteto Milonguero = Ella es asi, Solo Tango Orquesta = No hay tierra como la mia, Solo Tango Orquesta = Milonga Sentimental

  7. Tango Bohemia: Arrabal, La Noche Que Te Fuiste, Pata Ancha, Cachirulo

  8. Solo Tango: Poema, Invierno, Buscandote, Niebla del riaciuelo

  9. Sexteto Cristal: Vals del recuerdo, Noches de invierno, Lagrimas y sonrisas

  10. Sexteto Milonguero: Café Dominquez, Cada dia te extrano mas, Tu el cielo y tu, Tres esquinas

  11. Sexteto Fantasma: Recuerdo Malevo, Pavadita, Marion

  12. Los Heredeors del Compas: Quiero verte una vez mas, Paciencia Mi dolor, De puro curda La cumparsita

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