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Celebrating the women of tango

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Evita Milonga 03.04.2022

Moonlight tango is back for 2022! This time, in an exciting new space: Evita restaurant (named, of course, after Evita Peron). The music for the night has been selected by Annie Hill and Anita Galeazzi, who decided to team up for their DJ debut. Anita and Annie are passionate and talented tango dancers with world-wide experience.

From Annie and Anita ~

We are excited to be your DJs for this first event at Evita and to mark the occasion we decided to celebrate women in tango - the singers, musicians and composers. This was also a chance to celebrate friendships in tango, and especially the friendships and camaraderie among milongueras. To this end, we sought input from the fabulous and knowledgeable tangueras: Lorena Tarantino (tango dancer and DJ), Ayelen Pais (bandoneon player in Asato-Pais duo and many other contemporary tango orquestas) and Stine Helkjaer Engen (bandoneon player in Orquesta Típica Andariega). They were all very generous in sharing their passion for tango music and their stories.

Interestingly (but perhaps not unsurprisingly) the first female bandoneon player, Paquita Bernardo, was massively popular, packing the milongas night after night. However, the male bandoneon players were so ‘traditional’ that they banned her from recording. Alas, on Sunday there will be no music featuring Paquita. While the tango landscape has definitely improved for female bandoneon players, even Ayelen had to dress as a man to play bandoneon in the not that distant past.

On Sunday, in among your favourite tandas (which will be played in the traditional format of T T V T T M T T V....), keep an ear out for some special ones that shine a spotlight on female artists… Maybe you could even try and guess who is Lorena’s favourite female singer? Or pick out the all female tanda - composer, musicians and singer?

As a special treat we will have live swing music cortinas. So if you can swing, swing away!

Enjoy our selection of tandas and the warm embrace of our tango community,

Annie and Anita xx

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