Wine me and dine me! C'est Bon Milonga 01|08

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

As you get ready to dance on the first of August, polish your best shoes, iron your most elegant dress, review the tanda sheet to precisely determine when to jump in, you might also want to consider a few more experiences that are on offer at the second C'est Bon Milonga by Moonlight Tango.


la bonne cuisine

Head Chef Andy Ashby has prepared a gourmet menu for all those who prefer to have a reinvigorating delicious culinary experience before diving into a world of tango tunes. The menu includes a starter:

Fromage Souffle | Winter Chestnut | Artichoke

the Chef guarantees this dish is full of delightful winter notes and ensures it is a treat for cheese lovers.

As main:

Wagyu Brisket l bourguignon | French onion

the slow cooking and smoking process orchestrate a flavour comparable only to an intense and full bodied Pugliese tune.

In the words of the Chef himself:


In vino veritas

When it comes to ensuring the favours of Dionysus, Charles, the head Sommelier at C'est Bon, will shepherd you in a tour of the cellar, which features a constellation of delicious French and Australian wines. On this occasion, Charles has prepared the following selection of crus:

François Chidaine Touraine