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Attenti a quei due!

Guess who is playing for us?

Eddie Gazani & Roberto Fontana are playing live the Cortinas for C'est Bon Milonga 31|10. Read more about this great Brisbane based duo...

Edson Fernandes Gazani, better known as Eddie Gazani, is a Brazilian composer, singer, guitarist and writer with a true love for performing traditional music like forro, samba and jazz with a modern twist. Originally from the heartland of sunshine, music and soul – Rio de Janeiro – Eddie brings the Latin grooves of his home to his unique sounds. Inspired by a love of poetry and music from a young age, he threads the themes of love, politics and humanism into his lyrics. He is passionate for performing traditional music like forro, samba and Standard jazz from the golden age of jazz and Brazilian popular music.

Born in the heart of Italy in the late ‘80s, Roberto is a passionate trumpet player whose introduction to music began in his home with the piano music of his father Maurizio. Roberto has an eclectic taste in music and draws his influence from a range of cultures and genres, though he especially appreciates Latin and Jazz music. His greatest influences are Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and the Italian trumpet player Fabrizio Bosso. Pursuing his passion to find his own personal sound and style has taken him across the world, participating in many musical experiments and gigs in Rome, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Dubai and Melbourne. With a relentless thirst to progress his gift, Roberto is active in many projects exploring the boundaries between Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Bossa Nova and Latin Music.

The project is focused on the musical conversation between Eddie Gazani (voice and guitar) and Roberto Fontana (trumpet). They perform Jazz Standards, originals, Italian and Brazilian tunes with a “Mediterranean Samba” flavour.

Check out their Live performances and more!

Live performance at Doo Bob Jazz Club in Brisbane:

Eddie Gazani

Roberto Fontana


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