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A sweet gift!

As the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival 2023 approaches, philanthropists and sponsors are showing their appreciation for our community and our commitment. Amongst them all, the famous and beloved Gelato Messina that has kindly offered a prize for the raffle that will take place during the Gala Milongas to fundraise for Parkinson's QLD.

We are sure you have all tasted their delicious ice cream but did you know they care so much about its quality that they went into farming to control the origin of their ingredients? Yes, the delicious milk and hazelnuts which are the base for so many of their 40+ flavours come from Gelato Messina jersey milk and hazelnut farm (hazelnut and pistachio is my favourite cone!); they don’t just buy the best chocolate, they actually make it themselves using the highest quality single origin Ecuadorian cacao we can get our hands on. A bit of Latin flavour!

For more information and to go get your favourite flavour check out the links below:

If you are also keen to sponsor or support our not-for-profit events please write us at - all proceeds from the events go to Parkinson's QLD (registered charity) and our team is entirely made by volunteers crafting the best event for you for free.

You can also donate directly towards the artists taking part in this year's festival by going to: Australian Cultural Fundg

Gelato Messina
Gelato Messina


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