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Big shout-out to yet another supporter of the Latin Party, check out and support local artisans and chefs #Brisbane #LatinAmerica #Culture

Valicha - a Peruvian fusion food trailer operated by Melisa Valencia Diaz (Peru) and her partner Phill Routledge (Australia) originally opened it's doors in mid 2022 in Toowoomba under the name of "Peru Chicken" around the Saturday and Sunday markets in Toowoomba selling Australia's finest Pollo la Brasa served with Peruvian salad and chips.

With gracious help from family investors (the bank of Mum and Dad) we realised this dream and purchased a 4mtr food trailer in April '23 and first operated in June '23 after fit outs an dissections were completed.

Mel and Phill aim to build on their food journey by focusing firstly on providing the finest, freshest Peruvian cuisine we can. Secondly by continuing to build close relationships with their growing clientele.

Trust is key in the food business and with the exciting platform - Valicha, bringing wholesome, traditional Peruvian plates to your table you just know your going to be eating quality food.

Melisa's passion for cooking quality food and with her hidden chef talents you need know, the next step is to open a fully fledged Peruvian restaurant in Toowoomba.

If your looking for an awesome day out from Brisbane on a Saturday or a Sunday why not add and follow them on Facebook @ValichaToowoomba or on Instagram @Valicha_Toowoomba and find out where they are going to be open, come for a drive to beautiful Toowoomba and enjoy the laid back atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle... you can be sure Valicha has got you covered!


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