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Un Mangia Mangia! 31|10 Food & Wine

What can you expect to enjoy during the Masterclass Weekend at C'est Bon?


Your favourite Wine Tasting with Head Sommelier Charles!

This time, Charles will take us around another Tour de France. During the evening you will be able to order small platters to go with your wine tasting (charcuterie and cheese platter) - Ask Charles and the staff for more details when you arrive at the venue (make sure you arrive on time!)

~ Regis & Sylvain Val de Loire

Varietal : White | Chenin

Region : Loire Valley

Vintage : 2020

~Domaine Schlumberger « Les Princes Abbes » Alsace

Varietal : White | Riesling

Region : Alsace

Vintage : 2018

~Benjamin Laroche « La Manufacture » Bourgogne Cotes d’Auxerre

Varietal : Red | Pinot Noir

Region : Burgundy

Vintage : 2019


Several super foodie options

Head Chef Andy will be preparing a range of options. For those of you who prefer to dance and only have a quick bite, please check the Oh La La menu or the Bar menu, where you will find a selection of quick and tasty options. Those who want a sit down classic dining experience, we have the choice of the Special Milonga Menu (below) or a la carte. The Musicality Masterclass Series (5 -&- 6) will be held at C'est Bon on Sunday 31|10, so the Chef will also prepare breakfast and lunch for those who want to enjoy a full day of delicious food, tango and workshops.

The Special Milonga Menu part of the tickets on sale for the Masterclass is as follows:

~Spanner crab | brown butter | artichoke

~Schultz pork | carrot gastric | white bean cassoulet

~Madelines available on offer during the night

Make sure to check out C'est Bon website for more info.


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