Spin Spin Spin | C'est Bon 0108 | Music

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

The second chapter in the story we are telling at C'est Bon

De gustibus non disputandum - we all have favourite tango songs we love listening to, and many other tunes we crave dancing to. In designing C'est Bon milongas we have decided to not only appeal to your taste but also experiment with different formats to create a narrative capable of freeing our creativity and challenging us on the dance floor.

In order to smooth into a world of music discovery, we started (C'est Bon 3005) with a list of classic songs from the golden age of Argentinian Tango with a specific theme centered around French tango. As a second chapter in this book, we aim to explore how tango sounds and feels when golden age orquestas are played using a different medium: vinyl. Most of these classic tango tunes were originally engraved on vinyl.

We are not going to start a technical debate on the sound benefits of playing vinyl, you will find million of videos on YouTube if you are interested. However, it is undoubtable that the process of selecting, and playing tango vinyl is substantially more manual. You could say that the DJ regains their artisanal self when physically selecting the disk, carefully removing it from its sleeve, polishing it, and then hitting the right spot to start the tanda using only a tiny needle.

What does this mean for the dancers? The physically involved process of switching vinyls will require longer cortinas, this will also allow you to totally clear the dance space, go to the bar for a quick sip of your favourite drink and make sure you get your cabeceo right. As part of our music selection, we strive to find new tunes and a part of our milongas will always be devoted to less known tunes. Vinyls allow us to select original recordings sometimes difficult to find on digital platforms. As we are playing from vinyl, the tandas at the next milonga will be made of four songs. This will allow you to look for your partner as the music starts and always have at least three full songs to dance.