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Pachamama Coffee | Latin Party KGS

What an amazing bazar of flavours and culture will the Latin Party be on July 29th!

We are proud to announce that Pachamama Coffee will part of the artisans and chefs coming to celebrate with the Brisbane community.

Pachamama Coffee only launched in November 2022. With this brand we aim to bring awareness and knowledge about Peru, the culture, and the products so that consumers within our beautiful Australia can trust the name of Peru and feel more comfortable and excited about trying products from this country. We want the name of Peru to be related to excellent quality, rich culture, healthy and exotic products, great customer service and have a deeper connection with our brand and what we can offer.

Our Peruvian Specialty Coffee brings a unique, exotic, and elegant experience to Australian coffee lovers.

We have carefully selected our suppliers and growers, sourcing the finest Peruvian coffee beans, and connecting Australian shores to a new & immersive cultural experience. We want to be the prefer choice for business and consumer. We aim to build a strong and loyal community and we want to do this in the most sustainable way possible from the farmers we work with to the final package we present. To do this we need to keep humble and keep learning, not only from our experience as a business but also learning from other businesses in the industry that share our values and that have been around for longer and learning from you, the consumers, the customers, our community.

You can read a bit more about our mission and vision on our website. I am leaving some photos as well.

The Embassy of Peru in Australia will also be at the Latin Party to showcase the beauty of this incredible Lain American country!


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