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Moonlight Tango is a not-for-profit association made by dancers for dancers which promotes the creation of cultural events with specific focus on Argentine tango culture, music and dance. We aim to be inclusive, super partes and promote public tango events in the beautiful cadre of Brisbane, Australia. We support Parkinson's Queensland and work with other communities and local businesses.

Specifically this means that:

  • All members are volunteers as we offer our time, experience, network and skills for free in order to create special events

  • All our events are created and structured in order to fund our many partners (e.g. DJs, musicians, venues, local business, international musicians and teachers) via several sources of funds including the ticketing, sponsorships, donations, grants and the funds pledged by the members of the association; however, the members of the association do not gain any benefits from their participation and we still buy tickets from our own events

  • Some of the equipment (e.g. speakers, sound system, props) that you see at our events are purchased by our members and offered in kind for your enjoyment

  • If the events we create make any money (the sources of funds are greater than the uses) then the not-for-profit association re-invests the money in support of musicians, tango dancers to create more events

Why are we telling you this?

Because you should know that by purchasing tickets to our events, by sponsoring our events, by donating to us or our musicians, you are not paying for Moonlight Tango, but you are supporting the local musicians, businesses, dance instructors and, ultimately, you are supporting the overall dance community in Australia; you are supporting the growth and creation of a larger tango community. Don't forget that by getting your ticket to one of our events today, you are also joining in some truly fun and exciting cultural events such as the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival coming up soon.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us directly at

If you would like to donate or sponsor our events please follow the links below:


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