MTWF23 Super Early Bird

Updated: Oct 20

Given the overwhelming response after MTFW22, we are happy to announce the sale of Super Early Bird Couple Pass for the 4 milongas part of the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival 2023. Next year's festival promises to be filled by exciting new additions, live music and more at the Brisbane City Hall. As we wait for all details to be confirmed and organised, this is your chance to get in early. By buying Super Early Birds tickets you will get:

1) Discounted milongas

2) Be the first to know about new MTWF23 events being available such as workshops

3) Access to future discounts on workshops and other events as part of MTWF23

4) Life happens? Full refunds (less processing fees) are available till 31st of March and then still available for refund or transfer till June 12th. Please check T&Cs on tickets.

Tickets are limited and sale will end September 15th and need to be bought as a "dancing couple" (i.e., purchase both a leader and a follower ticket) in order to allow the milongas to be perfectly balanced as for MTWF22.


Terms and Conditions For MTWF23 Super Early Bird Couple Pass


Client is defined as the purchaser of this ticket identified by his/her legal name and date of birth; please make sure you use your full legal name in purchasing your ticket.

Moonlight Tango Inc is a not-for-profit association with ABN 13861926511, also referred to as MT in this document.

Couple Pass are defined as an order which contains a ticket assigned to a Follower and one assigned to a Leader (total of two tickets for each order need to be purchased). If the order does not contain two tickets or the tickets are not correctly assigned (i.e. the answer to "What role are you going to dance in?" question in the registration form must have 1 leader and 1 follower) then the ticket will be consider as invalid and may be cancelled (refunded net of transaction fees). You can purchase single Couple Pass (only 1 ticket per order) but in the submission form you have to specify