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Gala Milonga theme - Nocturne

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Our theme for the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival Gala Milonga is NOCTUNRE:

the magic and mystique of the night.

Nocturne evokes the many moods of night-time – from the soft pale blues, hazy violets and shimmering silvers of the evening sky at twilight to the velvet shades of indigo, deep purple and black of the witching hour. Embossed by gold sunset or studded by silver starlight, the night sky is the backdrop of romance and sophistication.

Take this theme and let it inspire you to dress up – sparkle, shimmer, wrap yourself in velvet, vests and bow ties. Ladies and gentlemen, the dress code is semi-formal for this evening with the colours of nocturne as your inspiration.

Embrace Nocturne!


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