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From Japan with Love

Sumire and Tamai are tango dancers and performers from Tokyo Japan coming to perform during the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival 2023. Sumire and Tamai have cantered their tango career around performing and also host international teachers in Tokyo, Japan.

Sumire has been dancing since childhood. after the university's College of art, she started focusing on tango, as it had much in common with contact improvisation in contemporary dance, and she soon began working as a lesson assistant for Eugene & Alisa in Tokyo. Since she started dancing with Tamai, she has been more concerned with her balance of theory, technique and emotionality regardless of dance style.

Tamai studied theater at a university of Tokyo, after which he started his career as an actor. Thanks to Gianpiero Gardi and Maria Filali he started focusin on Tango dancing as an art form. He dances with this theme "People cannot understand each other. What exists is only a momentary illusion of mutual understanding. However, that illusion is always beautiful.

Watch them dancing on: Japan, especially Tokyo, has the largest number of tangueros in Asia. Many professionals, both dancers and instructors, are active, there are always more than 30 Argentinian dancers. Compared to tango population, each studio, milonga venue and community itself are small. However, there is a big capacity that allows various tango styles to coexist. And many milongas are held everynight everywhere. So when you come to Tokyo, there are many milongas to choose from, even on weekday nights.


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