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David Kelly Photographer @ Moonlight Tango 14/03

We are proud to announce that David Kelly has agreed to exhibit his beautiful photos of dancers titled Reserata at our next event at SoapBox Brewery with Mendoza Tango Quartet on 14/03/2020.

We hope you will join us at SoapBox to enjoy the beauty of art in all its forms, music, photography, dancing and craftsmanship.

David Kelly, the official photographer of Queensland Ballet, is a renown Australian artist, expert in capturing the beauty of dance and movement. The exhibition Reserata, previously hosted at The Powerhouse, is based on Kelly's photographic study of the emotional response of different dancers to the same piece of music Arvo Pärt - Fratres while being immersed in a darkened room.

What follows is unscripted and unexpected.

For more information on the event check our events page, or go on FaceBook

For more information on the photographer go to


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