tango nights

Every Wednesday at Evita Restaurant, come enjoy a fun and delicious tango infused experience!

Tango Nights (Noches de Tango) are a fun way to start your journey into the world of tango by being part of the Brisbane Tango Community in all its diversity. This is neither a milonga nor a practica, it does not fit in any of the existing Tango schemes.

We have invited all teachers in Brisbane to come and give a free beginners class to anyone wanting to discover the beauty and fun of dancing tango. Free tango classes will go from 17:30 to 18:30 every Wednesday. This is a great opportunity to try your skills on the dance floor, meet people and try what the Tango Community can offer.

After that, Eddie Gazani will play live music and invite different local musicians for a Tango Jam! What's a jam? Local musicians with different backgrounds and artistic talents getting together to create live music just for us.

All dancers are invited to enjoy the music while sipping a glass of wine or tasting the delicious Argentinian food at EVITA Restaurant. A small dance floor will be available to everyone wanting to fly with the notes of live music. 

We ask all members of the Brisbane Tango Community and any visiting dancers to come and join us for a relaxed, tango infused evening at EVITA Restaurant.


365 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley,
Brisbane, QLD, 4006


- Beginners Intro to Tango Class from 17:30 to 18:30 (please arrive a bit earlier but we will welcome you any time)

- Tango Jam right after till 21:00


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Noches de Tango


Start your Tango journey today!

Afraid to make mistakes? you are in the right place. Not such things as mistakes in the Tango! 

This is a great opportunity to try your skills in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, meet new people, bring your partner for a spin, simply try something new and social. 

We asked all teachers in the Brisbane Tango Community to give you a fun free intro to what Tango can offer in the infinite journey of life. 

Classed are aimed at anyone willing to "walk"; yes, Tango is a walking dance, so as long as you can put a foot after another you can technically dance ;-)

Afraid of  stepping on someone else feet? yes you will, we do, everyone does, if you don't we have a problem, if you do it is normal. You are sure you have two left feet? great news cause in Tango we normally move our weight on one foot at the time, so you don't need both feet simultaneously.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! also check our blog on differed tango dance schools in Brisbane and other blogs on our tango journey

Make sure you book your free ticket today!

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Tango Jam

Eddie Gazani will play live music and jam with other musicians to create the right atmosphere for a tango infused evening. This is a great opportunity for new musicians to enter the tango scene and consolidated, experienced tango musicians to express all their artistic creativity.

We hope to see more and more musicians joining the community! 

Tango music will be played between the jam sessions and a small dance floor will be available for those willing to dance. Don't forget your shoes! 

If you want to know more about Eddie:


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