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We are excited to present a wide range of classes taught by internationally acclaimed teachers Nadim and Rina Sawaya from Tango Esencia in Melbourne. Rina and Nadim have performed at the prestigious dance halls of Buenos Aires as invited dancers, and were finalists at the Tango Dance Asian Championships, receiving the FJTA award in 2016.  

Brisbane based teachers Jose and May (acclaimed tango champions) and Rosemary and Greg from E-Tango have curated special classes + practicas for the enjoyment and advancement of tango dancers from around Australia. This set of classes aims to provide a taste of tango to those who are new to tango but also allow the more expert dancers to challenge themselves and perfect their dance. Rina & Nadim and Jose & May are also available for private classes

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Rina & Nadim Portrait

Tango Esencia Melbourne

Jose & May


Nadim & Rina


The Teachers

Rina Sawaya has been dancing since the age of three. After studying various styles of dance, she finally fell in love with Argentine Tango. She taught and performed in Tokyo until she arrived in Melbourne in early 2012.


In classes, Rina specialises in working to rediscover the body’s natural movement for improving body control and awareness when dancing Tango.


Nadim Sawaya grew up listening to tango on his father’s old vinyl records.  Nadim has been an avid music student his entire life, playing the cello in several orchestras before discovering the joys of dancing Tango.


Nadim’s teaching is informed by his deep understanding and appreciation of music as well as the practicalities of dancing in the social scene. His clean, precise lines give him an elegance that students are keen to aspire to, and his emphasis on tango musicality helps students develop a well-rounded understanding of the dance and its music. Nadim is also a practitioner of Kendo (Japanese fencing) which he believes helps in understanding body mechanics and movement.

Together Rina and Nadim are two of Australia's top tango teachers. With a focus on improving the body's nature coordination, they will assist you to dance with elegance and connection. Rina and Nadim have performed at many events, shows and festivals. They have performed at the prestigious dance halls of Buenos Aires as invited dancers, the Melbourne Recital Centre, and placed as finalists at the Tango Dance Asian Championships, receiving the FJTA award in 2016. 



Friday 12/08 | W1 | 

Workshop 1 | 17:00 - 18:00

Level: beginner to advanced

Topic: Detailed Individual technique work for leaders and followers in two separate groups 

You will take away your own personal training content of effective drills and exercises to improve your overall technique to continue working on at home. We will cover posture, balance and how to create space in your body for improved spiral movements.

Leader's work will focus on great tips for spirals, which will then be applied for enrosque/rulo work in the Saturday workshops. Followers content will include followers adornments and musicality work. Also, some great tips on how to work those heels!

Saturday 13/08 | W2 - W5


Workshop 2 | 10:00 - 11:30

Level: Intermediate - Advanced 

Topic: The Essence of Tango - The Walk and Embrace


Working with universal fundamentals, detailed work for the walk and embrace for smoother, sophisticated connection and movement. You will be amazed to see when you polish your walk and embrace, how this will make a difference to all your other movements in Tango such as giros, sacadas, etc.

Our no. 1 recommendation class for dancers who are serious about their improvement and who want to see results.

Come prepared for an immediate game changer!


Workshop 3 11:30-13:00

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Topic: Giros - Creating Dynamics and Connection with Variations

We will work with you on Giros where the leader is the centre of the giro as well as travelling axis Giros (where the couple travel in Giros).  

Techniques such as separation/isolation of movement in the upper and lower body allow you to create many variations and dynamics with your Giros.

We will explore this in detail, and work on the embrace which is the core of our connection.

Finishing the class with musical expression to your Giros such as Lapiz, Enrosque, Sacadas and also including adornments for followers, you will truly discover the joys of spiral!


Practica/Lunch | 13:00 - 14:00

Take a quick lunch break (cafes and shops nearby) and then put some of your learnings to practice! 


Workshop 4 | 14:00 - 15:30

Level: Advanced

Topic: How to dance the Variations to various Orquestas

Want more tools to really let go and enjoy the flourish/variation at the end of some songs? This workshop is for you! 

We will give you different ideas which you can mix and match to make your own original variation to keep it exciting and fun. 

Great tips on how to control the speed and dynamics in the dance for improved fluidity and dynamics. Equipped with improved technique to execute the faster movements, you will be well on your way to becoming a variation master!

Workshop 5 | 15:30 - 17:00

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Topic: The Cadence of Vals


What makes tango vals so special? We believe it is the cadence, the rise/fall and pendulum movements which add the extra essence to the vals.

Playing with the 1,2,3 rhythm for linear movements (walking, etc) and circular ideas (giros, etc) , we will show you how to marry the music and cadence so that you

truly feel you are dancing the "vals". You will leave the class with the distinct cadence in your body, feeling majestic in your movements.


Sunday 14/08 | W6


Workshop 6 | 11:30 - 13:00

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Topic: Milonga!

It's all about the Milonga rhythm! Let’s add more color to your Milonga by working on some ideas using Milonga lisa and traspie. In this class you will work on rhythmic and playful ideas to bring out the fun in Milonga. We will also share some tips on how to find a better connection with your partner and how to change speed without losing your partner or the beat.

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Dance Culture Studios Annerley [TBC]

Private Classes

Rina and Nadim are available for private classes. Please contact teachers directly to make a booking: 0477 997 337



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The Teachers

Rosemary and Greg (E-Tango) have been dancing tango for 20 years and regularly dance and train in Buenos Aires to ensure that their content and technique are always up-to date. They teach all styles of social tango including traditional close embrace, salon and nuevo tango for all student levels and ages from beginners through to advanced. As a trained physiotherapist, Rosemary brings a valuable set of skills and understanding about training the body for tango.

The Class + Practica

Thursday11/08 | C1

Class 1 | 19:00 - 21:00

Level: Intermediate - Advanced 

Topic: His and Hers Sacadas

This class will focus on techniques and structure which will develop and deepen your skills and enjoyment when improvising interesting sacadas for both men and women. The class will begin at the intermediate level before progressing to more challenging material towards the end.
The session will finish with a practice session in which we encourage you to ask questions.

Class will be followed by a guided practica where you can practice your skills and get to know the local dancers.


Dance Culture Studios Annerley [TBC]


Jose & May

The Teachers

From Argentina & Spain, and now proudly Aussie representatives, these partners in life and in dance reside in Brisbane. As acclaimed professional dancers and seasoned instructors, Jose and May offer exceptional training in the passionate dance of Argentine Tango, Argentine Vals & Milonga. From the time they arrived, they have participated as professional instructors and performers in many state and interstate festivals and events throughout Australia and overseas.

Their tango honours include: 
1st place at the WORLD LATIN DANCE CUP 2015 Professional Tango Couples category, celebrated in Miami.
1st place at Australia Latin Dance Championships 2015 Nationals in Professional Tango Couples División.

The Class

Sunday 14/08 | C2

Class 2 | 10:00 - 11:30

Level: Intermediate - Advanced 

Topic: MOLINETE: Beyond the basics to achieve power, balance and dynamics.

Do you struggle with balance? Don't know where to step? Close embrace, open embrace? Learn the tricks and tips to get the most of the molinetes and circular dynamics Level: knowledge of the molinete composition.


Dance Culture Studios Annerley [TBC]

Private Classes

Private classes are available on Saturday and Sunday. Please book directly with Jose and May: 0405779877