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The Tango Lesson - Noches de Tango

To start our series of intro classes to tango we have invited John & Cheryl to host a free beginners class on Wednesday 13|04 from 17:00 at EVITA.

John & Cheryl have been dancing since 1998 and have been teaching for more than 20 years. Their school, The Tango Lesson, is based on the Gold Coast. They like to teach what is called milonguero style of tango based on a closer embrace and connection. They have been very active in the local tango community also by contributing to building and supporting the charity Milonga Para Los Niños

They also have a very up to date website describing their ongoing classes and more importantly with a number of very interesting blog posts about tango! (amongst our favourite read):

Tango More than a Dance

The Language of Tango

Tango a Circular Dance

We look forward to hosting all of you for Nights of Tango this Wednesday together with John and Cheryl.


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