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DJ Esther @ Moonlight Milonga 14.03

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Esther Zellweger from EZE TANGO is one half of the founders of Neo Tango Australia.

She is fluent tango follower as well as a leader. Her background as a trained teacher and musician has assisted her in her journey as a tango teacher, performer and DJ. As a tutor and DJ she has had gigs in many Australian cities and internationally in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and France.

Although Esther has learned tango with traditional music, her forte now is alternative tango music.

In her milongas she features both styles except at the Neo Tango Rage, Australian’s only Neo Tango festival, which she founded together with her partner. This features exclusively alternative tango music.

Bringing together songs of many languages, ethnical instruments and foreign melodies, Esther effortlessly strings together traditional tango music and an exotic blend of alternative dance music best described as happy and flowing, spiked with some romantic delicacies including the occasional outburst of quirky eccentricity.

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