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Casa Bonita | Latin Party Artisans

As part of the Latin Party, we have invited a number of Latin American artisans and chefs to participate. This series of blog posts which starts with our favourite Casa Bonita aims to give you a taste of what you will be able to experience when you come to the Latin Party in King George Square on Saturday 29th from 10 am to 6 pm.

Why do we like Casa Bonita?

Beauty from Colombian Artisans hands to the heart of your Home

Casa Bonita is an independent and innovative Australian social enterprise, self funded by ethical and sustainable business practices which has created a unique Colombian collection of handcrafted artefacts using traditional techniques and native South American materials. Casa Bonita contemporary designs celebrate organic textures and natural tones to create unique Artisan pieces for a modern luxe aesthetic. The Colombian Artisan making Casa Bonita's products are highly skilled craftspeople, who have learned their skills and techniques at home from their family traditions. Most Artisans have had little education, which results in limited employment opportunities

However, they proudly operate their traditional handcrafted businesses to create an income stream to support their families.

The Casa Bonita collection is built upon a foundation of ethical and sustainable practices, quality handcrafted products and respect for the Artisans and Indigenous women and their cultural identity.

They are committed to a progressive partnerships with 250+ South American Artisans and Indigenous women, our customers, community and the environment

Your purchase from Casa Bonita:

  • provides financial security to artisans and Indigenous tribes and their families

  • empowers women’s economical independence

  • evokes self value and quality of life for the artisans

  • creates legitimate employment opportunities for their communities

  • supports environmentally friendly business practices

  • encourages creativity, and a sense of personal and group pride

  • acknowledges cultural identity and traditions

  • preserves and shares ancestral and Indigenous techniques for future generations

For more information check out:

The founder of Casa Bonita, Liliana will also be performing on stage during the Latin Party as part of her multicultural children story The Wayuu village life.


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