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The beauty of Live Music

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

We love live music and we believe it has the power to infuse a special inclusive vibe to dance events. Tango music can be danced and played to tango, milonga and vals rhythm; connoisseurs of the different orquestrastras will battle on the purity or golden age of tango. Ultimately, everyone will be stunned by the live bandoneon playing its nostalgic notes or the live violin telling a timeless love story.

More than 70% of the people who joined our events agreed that live music was a very important reason to come and one of the most important features of the events.

We strive to promote local artists and bands such as the Mendoza Tango Quartet. Their wonderful music brightened our latest Moonlight Milonga at GOMA and we hope to host them again.

Portrait of the Mendoza Tango Quartet at GOMA Moonlight Tango event on January 4th
Mendoza Tango Quartet


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1 commentaire

Robert Pagura
Robert Pagura
30 mai 2021

Moonlight Tango is a gorgeous addition to the Argentine tango dance scene that Brisbane has to offer. The infusion of live tango music, with one-off special venues and the passion of our dance community makes it all very special an opportunity to move ‘Argentine-style’. Thank you Alessandro and Annie 😌

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