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The Moonlight Tango Logo Story

Hello! Everyone,

I am Gabrielle Hubert - illustrator, graphic designer and also addicted tango dancer. Life is full of surprises and for me, the Argentine Tango is one of them. Same as life, Moonlight Tango is a wonderful surprise within the tango community. The event at GOMA was fantastic, driven by the enthusiastic energy of the team and musicians. Through the online feedback survey, I seized the opportunity to offer my skills to design the logo. I brought my draft to Annie and Alessandro. They clearly knew what they wanted and were also open minded to my own inspiration. For this reason, the collaboration with them was nice, easy and encouraging. In brief, I am super excited to take part in this adventure!

Hasta pronto.



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1 comentário

Moonlight Tango
Moonlight Tango
27 de jan. de 2020

Thanks so much Gabrielle for putting together such a beautiful logo! Excited to have you on the Moonlight Tango team.

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