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Singer and actress

(13 October 1894 — 17 February 1999)

Tania was born in Toledo, Spain and given the name Ana Luciano Divis. But today we know her simply as ‘Tania’. Like ‘Madonna’ or ‘Beyonce’, she is such a star she needs only one name …

Tania was already a famous artist who had toured the world with her variety show when she moved to Buenos Aires in 1926 (following the end of her first marriage). It was there she met the tango composer Enrique Santos Discépolo, and from then on they became inseparable.

Featured tanda:

At the Evita Milonga, we heard Tania singing ‘Desencanto’. It was originally recorded in 1937 with Enrique Santos Discépolo y Su Orquesta Tipica.


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