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Our Tango Journey - A series

Inspired by the renewed inflow of tango experiences in our lives after the long hiatus of COVID and with the support of our fellow dancers and teachers from all over the world, we have decided to start a series of blogs to explore the fundamental building blocks of tango.

This series aims to raise more questions than it proposes to answer; it hopes to bring our community closer together while broadening our horizons by learning from influencers around the world of tango.

We have decided to start from the broadest yet the most discussed fundamental concept of tango: CONNECTION

What is connection? how is it specific to tango? does it involve specific rules or is it founded on experiential knowledge? how do we learn it? are we born with it? how do we improve it in our dance?

The above is a mind map which we hope to develop further with all of you as this topic is clearly not one that can fit into a definition but, we believe, it's more fluid (it flows) as tango develops within the dancers, communities and cultures around the world.

What we all agree with is that tango is not a set of unchangeable rules but a continuously evolving type of human expression to be compared to other forms of art.

Omnis determinatio est negatio

By defining steps, figures and rules we are constraining the nature itself of connection which requires open-mindedness both in its inception (you need to be open to welcome another person in your embrace) and its development (without being flexible no relationship can evolve).

We hope you will follow us in our journey and helps us with your comments and suggestions.

Thank you all from everyone at Moonlight Tango.


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