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It's a Festival! | Winter Tango Festival

Some of you have asked us to book individual events such as the Gala night milonga at the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival. We have listened to your needs but decided to prioritise those who are able to attend the entire festival at first. How come?

We are working hard to create a cultural festival centred around Argentinean culture and tango, which brings together dancers from all over Australia. To achieve this cultural festival feeling, we have hired the Brisbane City Hall, we will have the Brisbane Tango Orchestra playing live, and we have got endorsement from the Brisbane Council and the Argentinean Consulate General in Sydney. You will have noticed during the weekend participants will be able to take tango workshops, yoga classes, massage therapy, and we count on the Argentinean Consulate to connect us with local Argentinean businesses. We are also supporting and fundraising for Parkinson's Queensland and offering a free tango for Parkinson's class with Rina Sawaya. We aim to be inclusive and bring as many people as possible together across a multitude of events. We also aim to maintain balance at the dance events to offer all a very pleasant experience. For this reasons we need to prioritise those amongst us who want to participate in the entire Festival.

However, we understand that some of us might have other needs and we respect those needs. We will consider how many tickets are left towards the end of the general registration, if capacity allows us, we might issue a Gala only ticket in due course. Please make sure you send us a message if you have any questions, we always love to hear your opinion and your feedback.

  • If you do not want to risk being left without a ticket make sure you book yours at: before early bird promotion is over on June 27th

  • If you feel that you want to help other dancers to join you can do so by buying a Sponsorship package and donate the tickets included in the package to your friends in need. Check out sponsorship options on

  • If you feel you can only come to the Gala Milonga please register your interest by sending an email to (please include your full name, leader/follower, reason for request)

Moonlight Tango is a not-for-profit association, if it ever seems that some of our events are not as "affordable" as you might expect, remember that every dollar you contribute to one of our events goes straight to support the arts, musicians, charities (Parkinson's QLD) and local businesses.


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