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Lita Morales


Lita Morales is a woman of mystery; little is known about her! However, we do know that she sang and recorded many beautiful tangos with Donato’s orchestra, that are still often played in milongas today.

Featured tanda:

We played a beautiful tanda with Lita singing on ‘Sin Sabor’, ‘Mi Serenata’ and ‘Carnaval De Mi Barrio’. These were recorded in 1939– 40 with Edgardo Donato y sus Muchachos.

These recordings also feature the singers Horacio Lagos and Romeo Gavioli (Romeo was also a violinist and composer, and later led his own orchestra).

Lita was married to Horacio …. but rumour has it she was also romantically involved with Romeo … We wouldn’t want to engage in such gossip though, so will just say that you can read all about it here and here.


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