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Madreselva Shoes

Our Madreselva shoes are the choice of World Champions. Each pair is handcrafted with unique, exclusive designs produced in limited quantities. Created by Viviana Laguzzi, an internationally renowned dancer with extensive experience, Madreselva Tango Shoes are designed to meet the needs of every dancer. Crafted in Argentina, danced worldwide! 


Mimi Pinzon essence, soul and seduction of tango in unique designs by the artist Viviana Laguzzi. She has  been a tango performer during 17 years in "Tango Pasion Company" representing Argentine Tango all over the world.  Since 2001 she launched MIMI PINZON, the most recognized Tango Clothing all around the World..

The collections are launched and produced in limited editions, no more than three  from the same material – this is to ensure uniqueness and underline individuality. The best fabrics and colors are carefully selected, and new models are tested during practices, milongas and even performance.Our idea of fashion combines elegance with quality, and we like to portray a sense of uniqueness and luxury in our Tango garment in all styles "Practice, Salon, Stage and even fashion trends.

Mimi Pinzon was chosen from the beginning as the official representative brand of the Tango World Championship as well as responsible for the production of apparel shows of famous figures such as Miguel Angel Soto, Mora Godoy Company, Tango Pasion Company, Marcos Ayala Company, and well known artists such Gustavo Naveira y Gisell Ann, Alejandra Mantinian, Gisela Galeassi and more... Today her Maison is one of the most beautiful heritage buildings in Buenos Aires, "The Palace of Lilies". 

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