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Moonlight Tango is a not-for-profit association made by dancers for dancers which promotes the benefits of dancing and organises cultural events. Particularly, we focus on Argentine tango culture, music and dance by crafting beautiful events. We aim to be inclusive, super partes and promote public tango events in the beautiful cadre of Brisbane, Australia. We support Parkinson's Queensland and work with other communities and local businesses. 

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Bask in the warmth of the first Moonlight Tango Winter Festival in Brisbane on the weekend of 12-14th August 2022. An unforgettable celebration of tango culture with  4 milongas in the Brisbane City Hall.

Be swept away by live tango music with exclusive performances by the Brisbane Tango Orquesta at the Gala Milonga. Eddie Gazani Tango Quartet will be playing live music at our After Party. Beloved Australian DJs - Jose (Melbourne), Anthony (Sydney) and Wendy (Brisbane) – will keep you dancing all night.  Tango performances and workshops from internationally recognised teachers, Rina and Nadim Sawaya (Melbourne) &  Jose and May (Brisbane).

Come a day early for special tango classes by Brisbane maestros Rosemary and Greg (E-Tango, Brisbane). Dance and socialise with friends from around Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

We have specifically selected to help promote and fundraise for Parkinson's Queensland due to the known health benefits of dancing for Parkinson's disease.

Noches de tango


Tango Nights (Noches de Tango) are a fun way to start your journey into the world of tango by being part of the Brisbane Tango Community in all its diversity. This is neither a milonga nor a practica, it does not fit in any of the existing Tango schemes.

We have invited all teachers in Brisbane to come and give a free beginners class to anyone wanting to discover the beauty and fun of dancing tango. Free tango classes will go from 17:30 to 18:30 on Wednesdays. This is a great opportunity to try your skills on the dance floor, meet people and see what the Tango Community can offer.

After that, Eddie Gazani will play live music and invite different local musicians for a Tango Jam! What's a jam? Local musicians with different backgrounds and artistic talents getting together to create live music just for us.

All dancers are invited to enjoy the music while sipping a glass of wine or tasting the delicious Argentinian food at EVITA Restaurant. A small dance floor will be available to everyone wanting to fly with the notes of live music. 

We ask all members of the Brisbane Tango Community and any visiting dancers to come and join us for a relaxed, tango infused evening at EVITA Restaurant.


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