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Our Mission

As our events multiply and get bigger, we thought to clarify what we aim to achieve and how we support our many stakeholders.

Who do we support?

  1. the community: we started more than 3 years ago within the Brisbane tango dance community, creating events to grow the community and help support our passion for Tango. Given our success and the positive response of the community, we broadened our reach providing free tango lessons, wine tasting and cultural events not just for existing dancers. More recently we have included the entire Latin Community in our desire to help bring about culturally diverse events for dancers, non-dancers, families, Latinos and people from all corners of Australia. This year our events will see thousands of people coming from all corners of Australia, Europe, Asia and Latin America. To achieve this, we have partnered with other not-for-profit association and community groups such LazosLatinOz, Argentos Unidos, Australia

  2. the Artists: from our first open-air event at GOMA where we crowdfunded to pay for Mendoza Tango Orchestra to play for free for all participants, we have now worked to fund more than 100 different live music and dance performers in events made for dancers, non dancers and free to the general public. Coming and buying tickets for the events we create not only allows us to fund these artists but also helps us create the right environment for them to perform by renting venues worth their artistic talent. You should know that many of the artists are among our supporters and have, over time, given us discounts or played for free for a good cause!

  3. A good cause: all proceeds from our events go to charity: Parkinson's QLD. Once we pay for venues, and support the artists, whatever is left for us to give goes to Parkinson's QLD. We also organise specific raffles where participants of our events buy tickets that go 100% to charity. Can you donate directly to the charity? Yea! You can do that with almost any charity in Australia but that should not minimise our commitment to provide yet another Avenue for Parkinson's to reach out to willing donors, sponsors and supporters. Are our events fundraisers? Our events contribute to all the stakeholders listed above not just the charity, although specific parts of the events are made on purpose to raise funds for charity (e.g. raffle tickets, merchandise sale)

  4. local businesses: by organising world-class cultural events we support local venues and Brisbane City's strategic commitment to cultural diversity and inclusivity.

If you feel confused by the multitude of stakeholders we support let us make it even clearer: for every dollar you spend in a ticketed event or donation we can tell you that most of it goes towards paying for the amazing venues, supporting the artists and giving a chance to local businesses to showcase the uniqueness of Brisbane. What is left is offered as a donation to Parkinson's QLD. We can also tell you where your money does NOT go: all volunteers working to make these events are unpaid. We actively offer our time, skill set and assets (eg. speaker system, car, house for hosting) and pay for the events we participate in. Less than 1% of your money goes to accounting and legal expenses necessary to run the not-for-profit.

To summarise:

If you want to donate to a charity there are many avenues and we suggest you connect directly with Parkinson's. If you want to support the cultural ecosystem we are working hard to create in order to value the many stakeholders listed above and contribute to create unique cultural environment then make sure you purchase tickets to our events, donate or sponsor our events.

If you have any questions feel free to email or call us.


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