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C'est Bon Milonga 30|05 - Music

Updated: May 28, 2021

C'est Bon Milongas are going to be themed. The first C'est Bon Milonga in this beautiful venue will be dedicated to the connection between French culture and Tango.

Tunes will follow the TTVTTM structure typical ritual of classic tango dancing events, with two tandas (group of 3 or 4 songs by the same orquestra) of tango followed by one vals, and then two tango tandas followed by one milonga tanga. If you want more info on the structure of Milonga and an explanation for some of the words in this blog check this great video.

In order to celebrate French culture and music, the cortinas (intermezzo between tandas) will be 40-50sec extracts of famous French songs. The slightly longer cortinas are meant to give dancers time to leave the dance floor and get a sip of wine while they cabeceo.

The first two tandas will be by Rafael Canaro. The Canaro family was a Tango arcobaleno of artists. Rafael was in a way the "Canaro en Paris" as he toured Europe and France with his orquestra for years before the second world war. Tunes such as Rien Que Nous Deux and La Melodia de Nuestro Adios are amongst the few tangos recorded in French. For more info on Rafael check out this link in English or this in Spanish. Rafael will be followed by French music danceable as vals mostly featuring classics by Edith Piaf and Juliette Greco.

To guide your choice for the night, I prepared a simplified list of tandas (TBC):

  • Ouverture: Opa Tsupa les deux guitares (a French gypsy instrumental interpretation of an Aznavour classic to smooth into a night of dancing)

  • Tango: Rafael Canaro

  • Tango: Rafael Canaro

  • Vals: French music

  • Tango: Solo Tango Orquesta

  • Tango: Tango Argentino

  • Milonga: Solo Tango Orsquesta

  • Tango: Angel D'Agostino

  • Tango: Miguel Calo

  • Vals: Juan D'Arienzo

  • Tango: Edgardo Donato

  • Tango: Osvaldo Pugliese

  • Milonga: Francisco Lomuto

  • Tango: Alberto Castillo

  • Tango: Lucio Demare

  • Vals: Alfredo De Angelis

  • Tango: Hector Varela

  • Tango: Carlos Di Sarli

  • Milonga: Sexteto Cristal

  • Tango: Angel D'Agostino

  • Tango: Osvaldo Ramos

  • Vals: Enrique Rodríguez

  • Tango: Francisco Canaro

  • Tango: Rodolfo Biagi

  • Tanda finale

Many of the above tunes are digitalised recordings from the original vinyl, inheriting the typical sound and atmosphere.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor at C'est Bon Milonga.

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