Adios Evita

This could be an adios, but we hope to turn it into a hasta pronto!

Moonlight Tango has been running Noches de Tango (Tango Nights) at Evita Restaurant on Wednesday evenings for several months.

We have curated this event to create a beautiful and relaxed environment for people to enjoy Argentine culture in all its complexity


By having a free beginners' tango lesson followed by live tango music and dancing in an atmospheric restaurant, we successfully achieved to:

  1. attract new people to dancing,

  2. allow dancers to try the many teachers and dance schools available in Brisbane,

  3. help teachers to attract more students,

  4. unite the community in an environment made for socialisation not just dancing,

  5. support musicians and provide a platform to learn and practice tango music in a continuously evolving manner,

  6. support local businesses by bringing more people out to dine and experience the vibrant nightlife in Brisbane.


Evita's management has been generous in providing the venue and the musicians, allowing our community to enjoy this evening for FREE. Moonlight Tango's volunteers give their time to manage the event and promote the venue; we also provide support during the night, distribute flyers, manage teachers, curate the sound, and create media assets. A lot happens behind the scenes for this event to be successful and remain FREE to all.

Moving forward, Evita needs a larger contribution to this event which means more people coming and more people trying the delicious food and drinks.

We can only keep enjoying this beautiful evening with YOUR support


  • The event is free and no one should feel obliged to buy food and drinks to participate. A lot of what you experience at Tango Nights has sparked through passion a